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Let me help you transform your most important relationships and enjoy your life with them.


You can live life from your true self, where all your important relationships are loving, authentic, and wonderful.


What is Relationship Coaching?

It is a series of proven strategies for conflict resolution, connection and love.  Relationship Coaching is for people who really care about their closest relationships:  their family.  They know they need to make impactful and positive changes  so these relationships can survive and thrive.

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My Coaching Practice

I offer Transformative Journeys to heal conflicts in your family, enhance your personal relationships, and find your ideal partner. Individual, family, and group sessions available.

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In-person and Online consultations available

My office is located in Bellevue, WA and I also work with clients remotely.


I can help you take the stress out of your relationships, find joy, fulfillment, and happiness.



I feel blessed to have touched the lives of many wonderful women who found their true self and worth.